Who is Amy Burrows?

I am someone who has overcome many obstacles, childhood sexual abuse, mental illness and various addictions. I learned to function, mask and “act as if” associates degree, married, bought a house, had kids, and even had pets. In 2002 I could no longer keep up the façade…

I imploded…

I was finally correctly diagnosed with PTSD. After 4 years of intense counseling and other treatments, I was ready to tackle my substance –abuse. It has been a long hard road to recovery but I have been able to achieve and maintain a solid foundation of recovery for myself, but certainly not by myself. I did not get here alone.

I was introduced to the concept of coaching/peer recovery in 2015.This new concept is new in the state of Illinois but has been in development much longer. I found my passion! My life experience is my best asset. I can use it to support and guide others through their path of recovery.


I could not do it alone and there is no reason that you have to do it alone either. Together we can find resources, support and get your life on track. The support is out there and we can find it. I did it and so can you.

Amy's Passion

Building Peers for the Future